Connect Synology Diskstation with Ubuntu Server

Here is a small manual for setting up a connection between an Ubuntu server and a Synology Diskstation. Prerequesites are that you created a shared folder andĀ configured your Diskstation successfully. After that you can start sharing that content to your Ubuntu server.

  1. Open the Diskstation Web Application
  2. Go to “Control PanelĀ – Shared Folder”
  3. Open “NFS-Access”
  4. Create a new one
    Client: *
    Privilegde: Read/Write
    Root squash: default
    Asynchronous: Yes
  5. Write down the mount path from the bottom of this pop-up, in my case it was “/volume1/Backup”
  6. Open a shell on your Ubuntu server
    sudo apt-get install nfs-common
    sudo mkdir /mnt/diskstation
    sudo mkdir /mnt/backup
    sudo mount -t nfs 192.168.0.X:/volume1/Backup /mnt/backup
  7. Congratulations! You just added a Synology Diskstation to your Ubuntu server.

What now? Perhaps you want to sync your data (like I did):

rsync -rvz /mnt/diskstation /mnt/backup
-r ... include subdirectories
-v ... verbose mode, display output
-z ... compress content for lesser network traffic