RaspberryPi Setup


Here my setup:

  • Raspberry Pi 2 Model B
  • Class 10 Premium microSDHC 32GB Speicherkarte UHS-I

Setting up a RaspberryPi is quite easy. Just follow this link to the RaspberryPi homepage. Go to the download section and choose your favorite Image. If you want flexibility and best support you should choose the Raspian image.  Once downloaded follow the installation guide which is presented on the same site.

The first time when you start your fresh RaspberryPi image you will see the configuration tool below:

raspi-config (1)

It can also be started afterwards, with the following command:

>> raspi-config

If you are connected to the internet you should start updating the configuration tool, which can be found in the section “Advanced Options”.

raspi-config (2)

After updating go through each configuration section and choose your favorite settings.

To access your RaspberryPi over SSH you do have to enable it in the advanced section:


I chose the console version in the boot section because I wanted the create a webserver which doesn’t need any graphical user interface. After finishing the configuration tool the command shell will be shown. Now you should first update your RapsberryPi image:

>> apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade

Congratulation – you have successfully created a working and up-to-date RaspberryPi device!

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